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Viagra, Cialis, Levitra- what is the best one?

Today, 22 years after conquering of the world, Viagra is among the most prominent worldwide brand marks along with Coca-Cola и McDonald’s. But in the recent years the sales of Viagra decreased.

In the year 2007 Viagra controlled 62 percents of American market of potency stimulating medicines, whereby Cialis obtained 26%, and Levitra- 12 percents. Since that time the situation at that market had become blurry. The medicine manufacturing companies make contradictory requirements. Nevertheless one thing remains certain. Cialis has substantially superseded Viagra, mostly outside the USA. Eli Lilly, a manufacturer of Cialis, claims that her medicine is number one in the world, and Pfizer-manufacturer of Viagra- challenges that. Viagra is steel the leading seller in the US market, but its share is steadily decreasing.

The reason? Cialis has a longer duration of action. After taking a single tablet a man stimulates his erection within 72 hours. Viagra and Levitra remain active merely 4 hours, although the latest researches assume their possible duration of up to 10 hours. However, even considering all advantages of Viagra, the longer duration of Cialis is more important. It is sold in Europe as a “weekend pill”. The men enjoy enhanced potency during 3 days after taking it. Read more

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added on April 14, 2020