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TOP-10 super products for sexual health of a man

By admin
Medically reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD
added on April 14, 2020
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The products for improvement of potency

A “force” of a man, strange as it may appear, is directly depending on correctly composed nutrition. An effect of several vitamins and vegetable extracts has a positive impact over the motion of spermatozoids and the functioning of penis.

The products for improvement of men’s potency

  • Coffee as a source of force
    The investigations have demonstrated that a daily consumption of up to 7 cups of coffee by men provides a guarantee of health. Even those who suffer from excessive weight or a hypertension do not face problems with the functioning of genitals. However, this does not refer to diabetic patients. The scientists affirm that caffeine strengthens the blood flow towards penis.
  • Bananas for strong men
    Potassium in bananas preserves the health of heart. A normal value of potassium contributes to the maintenance of normal rate of sodium in the body and thus-to prevention of pressure spikes. If you are not a great fan of bananas, then the oranges and the jackets of unpeeled boiled potatoes may serve as a source of potassium.
  • Chilli sauce in the ration of tough guys
    The French scientists have defined that the level of testosterone by those who prefer spicy food is so high that their women deserve envy. It is noteworthy that experiences on animals which consumed chilli sauce revealed an enhancement of their genitals by simultaneous reduction of fat rolls in abdomen. In this way the scientists have proven that a certain substance on the composition of chilli sauce may improve the level of testosterone.
  • Tomatoes decrease the risk of cancer
    The possible risks of development of malignant prostatic tumour are decreased by those men who consume 10 more portions of tomatoes in the course of a week. The Lykopin in the composition of tomatoes can combat against definite toxins which destroy the DNA cells. The number of “normal” spermatozoids also grows by those who eat vegetables, raised in their own garden.
  • Watermelon strengthens erection
    This berry is rich in amino acids which substantially increase the rectal function. Owing to the stimulation of output of nitrogen oxide in the body the blood flow on the penis gets better and erection gets stronger.
  • Ginger improves the sexual life
    Consumption of ginger renders a positive effect over the vascular system. An introduction of this product in the ration of a man would bring a vast improvement in the sexual relationship with his beloved woman. One teaspoonful of ginger per week serves as a source of overwhelming heart of your health. Besides, this spice raises the level of testosterone and the vital function of spermatozoids.
  • Pomegranate
    The recent researches, conducted by the scientific laboratories have revealed a capacity of pomegranates to render a positive effect over the rectal dysfunction by men. The pomegranate juice proliferates an intense blood flow. Experiences, held on the animals, have confirmed the capacity of pomegranate to extend erection.
  • A green tea is the source of irresistible sexual desire
    The catechins in the green tea both remove fat in the abdominal area by its processing into the energy load by liver and contribute to expanded blood flow in the genital zone. The experts affirm that the best effect is achieved by the daily drinking of up to 4 cups of green tea.
  • Dark chocolate
    Cacao in the chocolate stimulates the growth of serotonin level. This hormone is responsible for the perfect mood- it suppresses the state of stress, enhances an irresistible desire and accelerates an achievement of a point of maximal delight.
  • Oat flakes
    This cereal is rich in amino acids which task is keeping the man’s body in a good shape. In most cases the experts apply L-arginine by the treatment of rectal dysfunction. The whole-grain cereals reduce the level of cholesterol. Thus, a big number of cholesterol plaques demonstrates the near arrival of problems with the blood circulation, which would cause difficulties in the sexual life and endanger the very life of a human.