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Treatment of potency disturbances by the means of Sildenafil

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Medically reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD
added on April 8, 2020
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Can Sildenafil be harmful?

For men the diagnosis “impotence” is a real tragedy. However, there is no reason for despair. By the virtue of rapid progress of medical science the scientists managed to develop efficient means of tackling this issue. The most prominent of them is Viagra. Besides, the improvement of potency and elimination of erectile dysfunction are promoted by Sialis, Silden and Levitra. Such medicines are also used by healthy men in order to enhance the sexual drive.

In accordance with statistics, merely 20 million men have implemented Viagra at least once in life. This medicine, which active substance is represented by Sildenafil, renders an inhibitory effect over phosphodiesterase, thus expanding the arteries and facilitating the penetration of blood in penis and the promoting a strong and lasting erection. Nevertheless, many people ask how this medicine affects the body and whether it can cause harm or not.

Contraindications to the use of Sildenafil

The medicines which contain Sildenafil are very convenient as they are taken orally and do not require injections. This substance is particularly efficient by treatment of sexual dysfunctions, caused by psychological factors. In case if an issue is caused by physiological reasons, then the medicine is only effective during a brief period of time.

Sildenafil has its contraindications just like any medicine in the world.

Viagra may not be taken in the following cases:

  • Individual sensitivity for an active substance
  • Deformations of penis
  • Priapism
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Leukaemia
  • Myelom
  • Sickle-cell anaemia
  • Ulcers
  • Taking of medicines which contain nitrates and nitrogen donators
  • Consumption of alcohol

How Sildenafil must be taken

Everyone knows a statement that any substance depending on its dosage may be both curing and poisoning. Therefore one may not overdose Viagra and take it too often.

The dangers, caused by overdosing of Viagra

If a healthy man will take several tablets every day, his body would get used to it. As a result, a man will get addicted to Viagra and will not commit a normal sexual act without Sildenafil. Besides, excessive using of Viagra might lead to development of infertility. That’s why men may never surpass an admitted dose of this medicine.

Why this medicine may not be taken more than once a day? An active substance in its composition provides erection, which natural result is a sexual act. But sex renders an exposed load on heart and vessels, which is increased by Sildenafil even more. That is why by abuse of Viagra instead of a lasting sex a man would mostly obtain substantial health problems.

Before taking of any medicine a man must consult an expert. Viagra makes no exception out of this rule. If the potency does not cause problems, then this medicine is used to promote the quality of sex. However, by sexual disturbances Viagra by itself can be inefficient. Only a doctor can make a decision on the necessity of additional treatment.

Sildenafil has proven its ultimate performance by caring the sexual dysfunctions. A positive effect was obtained in 82% of cases. But such results are only achieved in case if the user carefully follows instructions. In the opposite case the result may become unexpected.

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